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Zhejiang Jinnaxiang industry Traid Co,.ltd.
Address: Zhejiang Wuyi Cattle Shen Po Industrial Area
Tel:0579-87966611 87966622

About us


        Zhejiang Jinnaxiang industry Traid Co,.ltd. is a professional production of hight-grade stainless steel doors enterprises.The exploitation being engaged in the category relevance product designs , creates , sells special field.
   “Get through several years , exert the utmost effort”。The gold accepts the auspicious people "constantly perfecting self's skill all the time in the light of , runs after consummate enterprise idea , the service centre consecutively, having built a product grinding the headquarter , technological development headquarter , mass detecting centre , having sold a centre , having sold the queen etc.Product design realizes PC-rization CAD , CAM. Introduce the detecting equipment modernizing the production line and advanced mass at home and abroad. And have fostered one employee team who has a professional knowledge opening up experience and higher control level with the technical ability , the marketplace. Product and fine thoughtful service providing extensive consumer with high grade. And have won extensive consumption all consistent praise and trust。
  “The job is proficient in an end , the thing shows Yu Mei”,The gold accepts the auspicious people working hard for everyone detail reaching that mass is closed consummate , strict. The various Euro-style top grade stainless steel door giving birth to a child, puts receiving the door , cutting the hole door , door middle door , compound door , moving the door and so on together. Not only, safety is beautiful, and has fad , merit such as firm , durable. Apply to civil architecture of all kinds facilities such as office building , villa , housing estate dwelling house broadly go ahead。
        The entire employee of company will continue making great efforts , provides to you wholeheartedly the safest most the high grade product and the most satisfied service。

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